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Wen-Hua Kuo Associate Professor
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Associate Professor


Center for General Education, Room 216







Ph.D. Program in Science, Technology and Society, MIT
MA Institute of History, National Tsing-Hua University (Taiwan)
MD National Yang-Ming Medical College (now National Yang-Ming University)


2001-2002 Visiting RCAST, University of Tokyo
2006.7-8 Visiting Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University
2007.7 Visiting scholar, Hayama Advanced Research Center, The Graduate University of Advanced Studies, Japan
2008 Visiting scholar, Department of Drug Policy and Management, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan


STS studies, History and Social Study of Medicine


My research revolving around the making of modern medicine in Non-Western societies. In particular, I look in to the globalization of medicine and its impact on East Asia from three aspects—clinical trials at transnational scale, politics of public health, and the transformation of medical professions.

From the "high tech" perspective, I am looking at how East Asian states encounter the standardization of the requirements for new drug approval. This working book manuscript, based on my Ph.D. dissertation at MIT, discusses several players involved in global pharmaceuticals, thus presenting an exciting narrative with STS interest.

This work extends an established research interest in governmental interventions in public health. My previous work in this area critically examined the population control policies of 1950s and 1960s Taiwan. The global perspective of this research has enabled me to prepare a historical project which aims to achieve a broader understanding of public health by considering it in the context of Cold War politics.
Cases such as leprosy, family planning, and malaria will be reassessed with a specific attention paid to the role of experiment played in these programs.

Office Hour

Friday 10:30-12:00



Selected Publications
No Article Abstract(PMID)

Wen-Hua Kuo. 2012. "Transforming states in the era of global pharmaceuticals : visioning clinical research in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore " Pp. 279-305 in Lively Capital: Biotechnologies, Ethics, and Governance in Global Markets, edited by Kaushik Sunder Rajan. Duke University Press.


"Understanding Race at the Frontier of Pharmaceutical Regulation: An Analysis of the Racial Difference Debate at the ICH" Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (SCI and SSCI) 36(3) (2008 fall): 498-505.


"Bridging Studies in Japan and Taiwan: A Dynamic Evolution in Regulating Ethnic Differences". Drug Information Journal (SCI) vol. 43 (2009): 3-10.


"The Voice on the Bridge: Taiwan's Regulatory Engagement with Global Pharmaceuticals." East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal, vol.3 (summer 2009): 51-72.


Wen-Hua Kuo, 2010, "Pharmaceutical Regulation as Transnational Vision and Strategy: Japan and Taiwan in the Wake of the ICH." p.185-232 in Biennial Review of Law, Science and Technology: Science Governance, Freedom of Research, and Pluralist Democracy, edited by Wen-Tsong Chiou. Taipei: Institutum Jurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica.


“Techno-Politics Of Genomic Nationalism: Tracing Genomics And Its Use In Drug Regulation In Japan And Taiwan” Social Science & Medicine (SSCI) 73 (2011), pp. 1200-1207.

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